I Don’t Speak French – Untie Your Feelings


I Don’t Speak French reminds us all to sit back, unwind, and allow yourself to “Untie Your Feelings” in his latest indie feel-good track. “Untie Your Feelings” is both wavy and groovy, likewise the hypnotizing vibe found in works by Still Woozy. It’s the ultimate indie summer song for maintaining any atmosphere with an overwhelmingly good energy. Anyone should feel free to listen to “Untie Your Feelings” while welcoming in life’s simple pleasures; I personally imagine chilled out days at the beach while sipping on fancy lemonades. Less is more, and it absolutely works wonders for I Don’t Speak French; he creates the perfectly balanced track with his use of multiple straightforward, steady, and brilliantly written instrumental parts.

With a hypnotizing introduction that quickly pulls you into its atmospheric soundscape, “Untie Your Feelings” is the best choice for a song needed during any and all of summer’s best feel-good moments. I Don’t Speak French’s skills in mixing and balancing the right amount of space filling instrumentals shine completely in “Untie Your Feelings”. The tone is established immediately and is consistently maintained throughout. Whether it be the steady, driving bass; the energy-filled descending chords found in the electric guitars; or the perfectly balanced and moody harmonies found in his vocal, it all comes together in perfect harmony. Simply put, it’s the perfect indie banger that could easily be enjoyed by anyone.

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