Con’sdead – Wander ft. Cam Blu


Con’sDead’s ability to create such heavily meaningful yet relatable writing for his music while simultaneously keeping an upbeat energy in his work overall is awe-inspiring. His latest single “Wander” is the perfect look into one of life’s more confusing stages, like those moments where aimlessly walking through life’s events leads you to nowhere with an exact destination. He recognizes this sense of not being entirely lost, nor entirely found; of looking for the answers to no real questions. “Wander” is an energetic reminder of this odd experience, focusing on how there’s a tendency to make some faults along the way. Whether it be a poor life choice, romantic decision, or another mindless act on impulse, it’s bound to happen at some point. But hey, at least he’s given you an anthem to listen to when experiencing this sort of mild existential crisis. “Wander” opens with a lively array of instruments and jungle-inspired drum breaks to create a sort of Powerpuff Girl nostalgia, making it irresistible and almost impossible to ignore. Its brightness shines through with fast-paced rhythmic guitar, balancing well with the deep and heavy bass that blares throughout the track. The song mixes this with waves of colorful synths, distorted instrumentals, and catchy melodic verses to create the perfect blend of classic hyperpop energy.

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