Eliza Shaddad – Now You’re Alone


During the past year the news has become a constant place of fear, every single day we see a story pop up that makes us what to scream at the top of our lungs and release the pent up frustration we’ve been feeling about this. Luckily the rising musician Eliza Shaddid felt this way too and is helping us all unleash this cacophony of anger we’ve felt through Now You’re Alone, a track that was made for screaming at the top of your lungs. The powerfully raw chorus slowly builds as time goes on getting louder and louder until it reaches a breaking point where she’s able to experience a beautiful moment of catharsis as the emotionally evocative lyrics pull at our heartstrings to produce a tearjerking moment.

Shaddad doesn’t rush the process here, she takes you on an elegant journey going from tenderly penned verse that allows her celestial tone to shine before her inner Florence Welch is released in a seismic finale that will have you reeling. The artistry that Shaddad has is simply awe-inspiring and her passionate performance style only elevates this further.

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