gcmayn – Earth Angel

When the UK was greeted with some gorgeous rays of sunshine a few weeks back, gcmayn’s debut single summer 18 was a track I had on repeat throughout that time. His scintillating melodies mixed with the pulsating beats and charmingly chilled out yet simultaneously personality filled vocal made it the perfect song to soundtrack the balmy memories I was creating. His idyllic introduction to the world is something we sung our praises for with the sun soaked production being so inviting, seriously it gives you that same fuzzy feeling inside you’d get from hugging a family member you haven’t seen in months. We patiently awaited his follow up single and, as expected, it’s another home run that’s cementing him as a real star in the making.

Earth Angel is an infectious number that further expands his multifaceted soundscape with the buoyant melodies it offers contrasting the more somber tone of his lyrics, giving it a compelling juxtaposition that will have you smiling whilst getting wrapped up in your emotions. The 20 year old doesn’t mix his words here, he openly tells us how his friends don’t want him to succeed but that doesn’t stop him in the slightest, no he uses their discouragement as the drive to make him leave his home town to become the musician he’s always dreamed of being. His ascent to the top is just beginning but damn is this journey going to be well worth watching.

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