bellamia – Sixteen Candles

Raised in LA’s artistic pocket of highland park, the uncovered diamond in the rough that is bellamia hid away day-dreaming about the life she’ll live when the fantasies she masterminds in her head become her reality. Channelling classic Hollywood glamour through an adolescent lens, she invites us into her ethereal world that’s best described as The Great Gatsby and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the perfect blend of beautiful sadness and the bittersweet sensation of growing up. She doesn’t hide behind an array of smoke and mirrors to avoid deep subject matter, she’s candid with her emotions as she pulls back the curtain to reveal the innermost thoughts of her mind that forms a strong emotional bond with the listener instantly.

Sixteen Candles, her debut single, thematically details the happiness, fear and sadness that comes from realising you’ll soon be entering adulthood. The elegant soundscape comprised of lush guitar riffs, melancholia inducing electronic flourishes and somber beats, that are reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, highlight the celestial timbre of her divine vocal as the poetic lyricisms detail the idyllic nature of growing up. Her witty wordplay and clever phrasing makes the narrative all the more relatable as we relay her experience unto our own, resulting in a nostalgic ride of delicacy and grace that will have you fondly remembering the day you realised you weren’t a kid anymore.

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