Christian Blair – something new (Q&A)

Following his debut release “4u” after a 3 year hiatus, Christian Blair returns with his captivating, brightly mellow sophomore track, “something new”. From beginning to end, “something new” welcomes you into the world that’s audibly created through the work of Christian’s flawless writing, vocal performance, and production. It has an enchanting opening with an energetic guitar lead that transforms into the synth-filled space that is “something new”. With a love for music that’s drawn from beautifully composed works found in the realm of video games tied with a more modern feel that derives from today’s rising hyperpop scene, he creates the perfect balance of raw emotion, instrumentals, and electric sounds to produce a playful yet somewhat sombre feel in “something new”. It’s a modern day pop track with a Jeremy Zucker vibe that’s been remixed by a dialed-down hyperpop tone–and it works wonders. 

Christian Blair’s “something new” is relatable; it’s the type of track that washes over you with nostalgic memories of the younger days. Ones where intense feelings were capable of inspiring impulsive plans and living in the present. It’s the perfect fit for such a movie moment: one where you’re instinctively following whatever naive ideas run through your mind as you find yourself blindly following a new found infatuation just for the fun of it. ”Don’t even like you, why do I sit beside you? Can’t get you out my head,” hits too close to home to not connect it to such adolescent fondness. It’s the perfect song to have when you catch yourself acting in order to feel something new, whether it be a person, place, or feeling. “something new” reminds us of these experiences by amplifying them into a beautiful work; it’s a reminder that feelings aren’t something you always wish hold on to, but will be there anyways.

Tell me a bit about yourself! Who is christian blair? How did you get into making music?

Hey! My name’s Christian! I’m 20 years old and from Charleston, South Carolina. I’m currently finishing up university and about to graduate this summer 🙂 I got into music around late 2015 because I was super inspired by a young artist who now goes by the name of James Ivy. He actually answered my questions early on and helped give tips on getting started! I finally started releasing music in 2016-2017 on SoundCloud, but it was mostly lofi-oriented instrumental music. I went on hiatus for 3 years on and off and have been learning how to sing for the past year and a half now. I finally started releasing again this year in February showing my vocal work to the world for the first time! 

What were your main inspirations for “something new”? Meaning, song/artists refs, etc?

My main influences for something new consisted of blending a sort of mainstream pop style like Jeremy zucker with some synths inspired by the emerging hyperpop scene with young artists such as osquinn, lieu, and more. 

What’s your favorite lyric from the song?

My favorite lyric is probably the part where I say “Don’t even like you, why do I sit beside you? Can’t get you out my head” I feel like this is a relatable lyric for many people haha. 

Who produced the track?

I produced, wrote, and performed the whole song alone! 🙂 That’s something I take pride in when I’m able to do it.

Who are your top musical influences?

I’d say a lot of my inspiration and love for music started with video game music such as Pokémon and rpgs, and I to this day am always listening to video game osts. My top musical influences are definitely ericdoa, osquinn (discontinued), and lieu. They inspire me so much as they’re young and making amazing, unique music.

How does someone new differ from 4u? In terms of writing, production process, etc

Compared to 4u, something new was just made up on the spot in about an hour while I was visiting home for spring break. I had a good time with all my friends at the beach that day and went home and wrote the song while my parents were asleep lol. It was fun to produce it myself, but I also loved working with Hallow on his production for 4u. I plan to work with him more in the future! I actually started that song on a YouTube beat and sent him a rough acapella with the rest being history 🙂

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