Will Davila – Bathing in the Sun

Filled with balmy melodies and a sun kissed production that sends you into a bliss induced coma, Will Davila has provided the perfect summer anthem as the world slowly reopens with Bathing in the Sun. This is the escapism we all need from the world with the serene atmosphere of the relatively minimalistic soundscape transporting you away from the negativity this world brings us and takes you to somewhere that can only be described as pure paradise. The glistening soundscape brightens up any overcast day where we pause everything around us for a few moments and it feels like we’re, as the title suggest, bathing in the sun.

The dreamy number is a summer delight, even the music video will put a smile on your face with Davila doing his best impression of Michael Cera in Juno as he runs through and idyllic scene with a small army of sunflowers chasing after him. This song brings joy with Davila having this natural charisma that encourages us to let his charming vocal take us on a euphoria filled joyride. As this song plays you’ll remember every sunset, every memory and every bit of this summer paradise you’ve experienced.

‘Bathing in the Sun’ is a reminder to relax and have a good time, even when things can feel like they’re getting too stressful. There’s always that thing you can do or place you can go to cheer you up, and I hope the song brings you to that place.”

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