Madi Rindge – Cruisin

With a mesmerising soundscape complimented by her authentic lyricisms drawing from incredibly relatable narratives, the NYU graduate Madi Rindge has a sonic space where all are welcome to express their emotions in a new intimate fashion as she empowers us all to embrace our vulnerability. Her dreamy soundscape blissfuly caresses your cheek as her emotive vocal slowly makes your stress melt away and, even if it’s for only a few brief minutes, you feel like you can let out all of your emotional baggage in a beautiful moment of catharsis. That is what makes her music rather magical, she gives us all a place of solace to heal and repair ourselves which she’s continuing to do today.

Thematically focusing on how when she’s down her best friend will make her feel like she’s on top of the world once again, Cruisin is a beautiful ode to friendship that can also function as a balmy summer anthem for afternoon drives down the coast as the sunsets in the distance. The freedom she feels with this friend is like going down the highway with your windows down experiencing the deafening yet euphoric sound of the open road. Her divine vocal tone, scintillating production of glistening synth beats and laidback rhythm that gets your foot tapping, this will undoubtably be on thousands of summer playlists and cruising up the charts.

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