G Luné – Blocked

Starting out her career as a Jazz artist before effortlessly transitioning into the R&B infused pop sonic world with her euphoniously toned vocal divinely weaving through her vibrantly textured soundscape, G Luné has always had something special about her. The 20 year old consistently oozes high levels of unflappable confidence as her heart-on-sleeve lyricisms bring us into her reality, experiencing a wide variety of hardships but also euphoric highs that makes us know that no matter what the world throws at us we’re going to be fine. Her bright and colourful back catalogue of expressive pop has always had an unmistakable charm that makes her stand out from the crowd and she certainly continues that today.

After coming out of an abusive relationship, Blocked is her own confession as to what went on behind closed doors before she bursts through them in an eruption of empowering confidence as she blocks him out of her life for good. This isn’t a break up anthem, it’s a high class revenge anthem as she exposes all of his deceitful wrong doings through the ferocity of her wrath filled lyrics that pack punch after punch til you’re sprawled out on the floor, dazed yet captivated by what you’ve just heard. Nothing’s blocking her way now as G Luné rises to the top.

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