Lance Redeker – Truman

The 18-year old artist Lance Redeker only recently finished high school but the San Francisco Bay Area native is already proving to be a master alternative pop songwriter, despite his young age. He already dropped an impressive debut EP that demonstrated the inextinguishable creative spirit through his woozy soundscape of hazy melodies and balmy riffs that only added to his undeniable candour and ability to weave a lyrical tale that his blithe vocals delivered. When the forecast remained overcast, Redeker’s music helped shine a few bright rays down upon us to make our days a bit more joyous and he’s continuing that with his Truman Show inspired single today.

Truman is a summer bop in the making with scintillating guitar riffs and a reckless abandonment that can only come with youth, heck this track wouldn’t feel out of place in a modern coming of age movie soundtrack with the abundance of youthful energy it brings from an adolescent’s perspective. The lovelorn lyrics contrast the buoyant nature of the dreamy soundscape beautifully as the hooks wriggle their way so deep into your head you’ll require an excavation crew to remove them. It’s an upbeat number that’ll put a smile on your face in no time at all.

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