Colby Lafayette – I’M A FAN


Colby Lafayette is the embodiment of what an artist should be as he’s not afraid to get out of his comfort zone and do something unexpected. He doesn’t stay in the box that people have put him in, no instead he breaks through the walls to experiment with his sound in unusual ways going from a little to a manic, this cacophony of madness that gets rid of the relentless refrain so all that remains is his rule breaking talent. His work echoes the legends of old whilst break new ground in the modern era, his debut EP SO BAD was the embodiment of this and his follow up EP looks like it’s going to push the envelope once again.

The latest teaser of this is the hip hop infused grunge single I’M A FAN which continues to show why Lafayette is one of the most exciting artists around right now. With a thumping bassline propelling the track forward, his unorthodox vocal fills the piece with character as her lyrically waxes about his relationship with this piece specifically exploring a toxic relationship he was apart of. His storytelling is on par with legends like Nirvana and his musicianship is out of this world. 2020 was a great year for Colby Lafayette and 2021 looks like it’s going to be even better.

“I’M A FAN” came from this place of being in a toxic relationship and kind of this back and forth conversation between my partner and myself as well as internally,” the artist explains. “The narratives within the lyrics lend to being infatuated yet hateful towards the person you’re with or the person you are, and in some ways explore the pitfalls to being an artist in both situations. 

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