Laurel Smith – Out The Cage


Laurel Smith’s music has always been intentionally provocative as she pulls you into her surreal soundscape that’s reminiscent of modern video game soundtracks and the mystique that comes with old school Hollywood glamour. The North London rising star has found her winning formula that takes her brooding dark pop soundscape that ignites her narrative driven lyrics as well as pushing her evocative vocal stylings to new heights. She’s found her sound and she’s found the aesthetic to match so it’s no surprise why she’s continually turning heads in this industry as her latest release demonstrates.

Out The Cage unleashes her innovative creative freedom with nothing holding her back as she encourages us all to break free from the constraints that keep us from achieving our goals, whether they be physical or mental blocks, she makes you want to break them down. The cinematically dark production is akin to Billie Eilish with the cynical stylings of her hauntingly beautiful vocal bringing her imagination to life as she boldly leaps into the unknown. She is the main character in this tale and her music showcases this and then some.

“‘Out The Cage’ is a song about breaking out from your constraints, both physical and mental,” she explains. “Although it can be interpreted in any way, when I wrote it I created a story around a bored housewife, falling out of love with her husband, she fantasises about tying him up and leaving him to be a badass assassin in a video game type world, roaming the city at night and living a life of unpredictability and excitement”

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