Alfariizi – Saltshack’s Signature


With washed out guitar grooves, hazy melodies and a woozy production style that offers a balmy atmosphere, the Indonesian musician Alfariizi has created a high spirited yet simultaneously laidback single that is perfect for the upcoming summer months. Best described as the dreamy soundscape of Rex Orange County meeting the lyrical flair from Dominic Fike, Alfariizi’s music opens with an off-kilter quirky styling that compliments the undeniable confidence his buoyant vocals offer, particularly during his rap sections, that allows you to be both chilled out and want to dance like no one is watching.

Saltshack’s Signature has this subtle nostalgia to it that adds to the blithe atmosphere the sonic palette of dreamy guitars and blissful beats creates. The tender cheerfulness will easily put a smile on your face as the coruscating production shines a light down upon us on an otherwise cloudy day to give us that much needed serotonin injection that we’ve all been craving. It’s phenomenally joyous and shows that Alfariizi has potential to be Indonesia’s next big heart throb.

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