Tae – Moonlight

Tae, a 22 year old independent musician based in L.A, originally got her start writing music for other artists but with her short but sweet back catalogue of dreamy alternative pop tracks its become quite apparent that on stage in front of thousands is where she belongs. Stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight in 2020, her music soon began to pick up traction with her pensive originality within her songwriting as well as the charming aura that surrounds her vocals capturing the hearts of thousands of listeners. Her momentum is seemingly unstoppable right now, especially when she delivers such flavoursome pieces like Moonlight.

You’ll feel butterflies fluttering around your stomach as this number plays with it capturing that indescribable feeling of falling in love with someone. The dreamy affair is utterly delightful with the playful melodies complimenting the jubilant lyrics that portray all the little things that make us remember how feels to have our head over our heels, “I love the way you say my name.” Short, sweet and simply magnificent, Tae is ready to take the world by storm with her authentic songwriting, and beautiful voice. She’s a special talent.

“‘Moonlight’ is all about the fun of falling in love with someone-the infatuation, butterflies-the bliss,” the artist explains. “Everything seems so easy to just run with in that moment, I wanted this song to really capture that feeling. I love the instruments and synths used throughout this song, and how I played with the melodies between lyrics. It was a super fun and experimental process”

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