Good Boy Daisy – Summer Rain

Identical twin sisters Hallie and Dylinn Mayes have always been close, like most twins are, so once they simultaneously realised that music was their calling they joined forces to create Good Boy Daisy. During their adolescent years they were raised on a diet of 90’s grunge that their dad had always been a fan of, as they grew older their taste became more eclectic as their sonic palette expanded to include contemporary artists. All of this becomes quite apparent when you listen to their music, all their influences intertwine together to form a soundscape that is a joy to behold.

Summer Rain is the summer anthem that we need in 2021. Synthesising elements produce a bucket load of serotonin alluring funk filled good vibes they deliver as they duo’s vocals weave into one another to produce utterly divine harmonies that add another layer to the sonic texturing of the piece. You close your eyes whilst this plays and you’re transported to a tropical paradise where the sun and sea wash over you in glorious bliss as the feel-good atmosphere injects you with the much needed serotonin boost.

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