Day Wave has been one of those artists who we’ve been lucky enough to have listened to since the very start of his music career and it’s been an utter pleasure to watch him grow into the acclaimed artist that he is today. He never disappoints as every song he delivers is utterly mesmerising and his latest offering Potions is no different with his enticing arrangements and honey drizzled sound shine through this track.

He’s also announced that he will soon be releasing his new EP Crush on April 24th and he says it was him, “really just trying to make sense of things for myself with this EP. It’s easy to feel isolated, like your thoughts don’t matter or that you’ll never be good enough, but writing these songs was my way of trying to rid myself of those toxic ideas and open myself up to a better way of living. It was my way of trying to figure out who I really was.”

Dreamy is the best way to describe this track with the intimate production inviting you into his lo-fi world filled with emotional depth, an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and raw lyrics that are incredibly poetic. It’s a sonically pleasing experience with every note sending shivers down my spine and the soft alluring tones of his vocal dancing delicately across the production like a Ballerina in Swan Lake. An utterly beautiful track that will have you diving into Day Wave’s whole discography by the end of it.

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