Pop music has been going through a shift over the past few years where traditional powerhouse pop vocalists are becoming less common with a more subtle vocal style becoming the new norm in the pop world. Luckily though there are still some ridiculously powerful vocalists out there as Sam Creighton demonstrates in Go To Hell, a single that is an anthem for members of the LGBTQ+ community who feel ostracized by people around them.

The lyrics of this track are freaking brilliant, it’s just poking fun at how other people tell us to live our life, the obvious telling us we don’t belong and how if we do go to hell then damn it’s going to be more fun than heaven (that’s for sure). Creighton’s vocals soar over the pulsating production that just makes you want to sing this track out loud for all to hear and when you combine all that with some killer hooks then you know you’ve got an LGBTQ+ anthem that we’ll all be singing for years to come.

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