The journey of a relationship is always an intriguing one where you start off as friends, that friendship then grows into something more, you begin to fall for each other and then, if you’re like the British artist Effie, the love begins turn sour with neither of you truly trusting each other and terrible mistakes happening in the process. It’s a messy way to end a relationship but it has resulted in an utterly stunning single Spiteful that puts Effie’s lush vocals on full display.

This track has this strong Motown feel to it but the pulsating synths that have been added gives the track a little bit of an edge and adds some flavour to the whole piece in general. The lyrics are raw and emotionally honest whilst also having this poetic sensibility about them which is only further enhanced by the relatable vocal display that makes each word feel all the more real. It’s almost like you’re on the phone to a friend as they’re confessing all their pain to you and you feel it too.

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