One genre I’ve been loving watching the birth of has been Brat Pop and if you’re new to this genre the best way of describing it is that it’s like the opening scene of Bring It On but with a much much better production backing it. One of the artists who’s been pushing this boundaries of this genre as of late Jinka who today has released I’d Like That, a track about eccentric friendship adventures such as kidnapping DJ Khaled or smashing chandeliers… we’re not kidding.

What I love most about this track is that it’s so easy to sing along to, after one listen it’s almost like you know the chorus in an instant because of how ridiculously catchy the hooks are in this single. The production has a buoyancy about it that easily gets your foot tapping, body grooving along to the rhythm and head bobbing along to the beats in no time at all. I will say it’s the energy that sets this track apart from others in the genre with it curing boredom easily and turning any moment into a dance party.

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