Honestly Augustine is one of the most exciting artists to come out in recent years, he was a breath of fresh air in what was an unfortunately stale cloudy day with his bombastic brand of alternative pop consistently sending shivers down our spine. His music is truly timeless with gorgeous falsetto, lush instrumentation and ability to tell fragile love stories never failing to mesmerise us. Now today he continues that trend with the single Picking Up Speed that can only be described as utterly divine.

“It’s about building this little universe with someone,” Augustine explains. “Just living in your bubble together and feeling that everyone on the outside sucks. But regardless of how good it is, you fear that it could break at any moment. The more you gain, the more you may lose. Picking up speed together with someone who means the world to you can be the scariest thing.”

The track starts out like any other traditional love story before taking a sharp turn, changing this to a more complex track about the end of a relationship that peaked months in advance. That’s always a strong point about his music though, the lyrics are pure poetry showcasing the whirlwind of emotions he’s been experiencing throughout life and his celestial vocal only adds to these lyrics further with the production elevating it to a near godly extent. It’s a graceful single about the fear of losing someone you care about and damn it is just gorgeous.

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