Kings Elliot – Bitter Tonic

Through her glacial vocal and vulnerable songwriting that reads like an open book the London based musician Kings Elliot makes us feel less alone in a world of self isolation. Her poignant confessions reminds us all that amid the shroud of darkness that covers every aspect of our life there is a light at the end of the tunnel that signifies better days to come. Heartbreakingly uplifting, her melodic melancholia allows us to embrace our emotions in a catharsis moment to give us the strength and courage to carry on to allow that light to shine down upon us once again.

Her latest release Bitter Tonic raises a curtain on the darkest parts of her mind, focusing when our inner saboteur takes over, when that voice in the back of your head becomes louder than the rest, dominating every thought we possess. The bravely intimate offering amalgamates the feelings of sadness and anger together with her celestial voice going from almost a cry like tone to a raw impassioned one that reflects the war going on within her mind as the masterfully poetic lyrics draw you into her world. She does what most artists never do, she finds strength in being vulnerable and that is what makes her so special.

“‘Bitter Tonic’ is about self-sabotage, self hatred, self-destruction… all the things I’ve always felt too uncomfortable to talk about. ‘The bitter tonic is mine’ is the idea of desperately clinging onto my pain, defiantly refusing any help, because at my lowest it’s all I possess, all I have control over.”

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