Astra King – Silver

I first became acquainted with Astra King back in 2020 when I heard their remix of Dorian Electra’s Sorry Bro (I Love You). Their fresh take on the track had me enthralled and, as time progressed, I soon found myself regularly revisiting the track to return to her melancholy and chilled out take on the hyper pop genre. Whilst we’ve yet to get a teaser of her original music, her stream of covers have left me consistently mesmerised with Divinity by Porter Robinson being one that I had on repeat ever since I heard her Appleville set. However they’ve recently dropped the best cover I’ve ever heard of an A.G Cook track with Silver being simply awe-inspiring.

Cook’s original version will always have a special place in my heart but King’s take is utterly breathtaking. From start to finish I was captivated, each note helped paint the picture in my mind til the very end where I was left staring at what was, quite frankly, a masterpiece. Her covers have made me fall head over heels for her sound in more ways than I can possibly imagine, with her scheduled to release new original music later this year I cannot wait to have my jaw dropped by her once again.

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