BB Bean – Alone

Armed with just a small bedroom and a passion for storytelling BB Bean is an artist who’s music will offer you a brief form of escapism from your otherwise bland and lifeless day. They create an infectious tapestry of music that just puts a smile on your face, it’s best described as something that would soundtrack the traveling sequence in a family movie where everything is just unicorns and rainbows, nothing but utterly good vibes. This is just pure serotonin in song form and every time that jubilant chorus arrives I can’t help but smile like an absolutely giddy idiot, it’s just that good.

Despite it being called Alone it makes you feel like you’re anything but alone because of the happy message this artist carries with their music. Filled with carefree guitars, happy-go-lucky melodies and choral chants that you can scream along with at the top of your lungs without a care in the world as the worries of modern day living simply melt away and disappear into the abyss. Their music is just the definition of joy and I love every moment of life when this track is playing.

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