Dog Trainer – Really Not Close ft. icareaboutu


Back in our youth we all thought that our friends from school would be friends for life, we never even considered the idea of losing touch or growing apart because they’d always been a constant in our life even when the world around us threw rubbish in our way. However the unfortunate truth is that 9 times out of 10 we begin to lose contact and those friendships becoming memories that we hold dearly to our hearts, but there are moments where we’ll stumble into one another again and reminisce about the good times. This is exactly what Dog Trainer’s latest single with icareaboutu is all about.

The song is situated in a very specific phone call that I think we’ve all experienced in one form or another: catching up with an old friend, maybe someone from high school you haven’t really spoken with in a long time, and experiencing all these feelings of nostalgia rush back,” explains Dog Trainer. “You start realizing you forgot their birthday, and that you don’t really know that much about their personal life or their family anymore, but that you’re grateful for all the memories even though you’re ‘Really Not Close’ anymore. The whole thing is kind of an homage to a lot of nostalgic music we both love, especially early 2000’s bands, like Blink-182.” 

Really Not Close channels that early 2000’s pop punk sound that’s been going through a resurgence as of late but give it their own sonic twist through electronic flourishes that pulls the sound head first into the 21st century. They capture the reckless abandonment of youth and nostalgic memories of past friendships but gives it a mature edge to show how time has passed, throw in the intimate lyrics that will have you wanting to call old friends and it’s hard not to have this or any Dog Trainer track on repeat.

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