With every track they release the San Clemente, California duo DWLLRS have built a sonic identity that embraces the surf rock culture of their sleepy hometown with the fresh contemporary sound that’s become compared to Tame Impala in the past. We’ve sung our praises of them in the past so much that I’m fairly certain we could form a choir, their idyllic music mixed with their personable lyrics that are washed in a wave of blissful nostalgia is utterly charming so it’s no surprise to see this rising act experience some brilliant growth as of late. Looks like their previous release It’s Only Up From Here was an omen of the future to come.

You continues to expand their sonic universe of heartbreaking lyrical storytelling with an underlying feeling of hope that better days are to come that resonates with all who listen. It’s a hypnotising affair with a woozy production of spaced out synths and coruscating electronic flourishes complimenting the expressive deep vocal that capture the raw unbridled emotion of the piece. Each time I hear a DWLLRS song it feels like a special moment where the world stops and only the lucid melodies are here with me and this is no exception.

Must Read