Elroy – BONES

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania Elroy spent the large majority of his youth doing two things; exploring the wilderness and creating music. During his childhood he became multi instrumentalist being able to play the guitar, drums and piano at a young age, however playing other people’s songs wasn’t enough for Elroy as he soon tried his hand at writing and it was then he realised his calling. He began to dive head first into all aspects of music, learning how to produce, engineer and even create his own cover art, Elroy started to pioneer his own fresh sound.

Today he’s released his most personal piece to date in BONES which dissects drowning your sorrows in drugs and alcohol, the tormenting mental illness that comes along with it and wanting love amidst it all too sooth the pain. The bombastic production of vibrant hyper pop themed electronics clash together with the high energy drums that contrasts the raw untouched quality of his vocals making the lyrical storytelling hit harder that it ever has before in an Elroy track.

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