Sam Ezeh – Suspension

We all have an inner saboteur, a part of ourselves that spends its time convincing us that everything around us we don’t deserve. The good things in our life aren’t ours or deserved, they’re just there by coincidence which results in us struggling to live the life we want to life with these thoughts plaguing our mind, despite knowing deep down that it’s only our own fault. We live in a suspended state of living where we’re neither enjoying nor disliking our life but merely floating in the limbo with a void inside ourselves, an apt metaphor that Sam Ezeh details within his latest single.

Suspension takes Ezeh’s love of 60’s/70’s psychedelia soul rock and amplifies it to the next level with a spaced out guitar melody leading the piece with a rhythmic looping drum beat and heavy bassline coming in later on to produce a beautifully textured and sonically mesmerising affair. His insightful lyrics are something we can all relate to as his melancholy vocals gently caress your ears before his sonic world leaves you with chills dancing across your body. Sam Ezeh is Sweden’s most exciting talent right now and with every release he’s just getting better.

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