Camp Trash – Weird Carolina

One listen to Camp Trash’s debut EP Downtiming and I’m immediately struck my comparisons betweens the likes of Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate and other major 00’s emo icons. However this Florida based outfit has catered this sound to the modern mark, infusing indie rock guitar riffs with a D.I.Y production style that propels you further into the depths of their sound. It’s like getting a hug from an old friend you haven’t seen in years, there’s something warm and inviting that makes you feel welcomed despite all the years have past and something new that makes you want to stick around for the night.

Weird Carolina remains the highlight of their debut EP with the piece managing to strike a chord with the key balance of poetic tragedy and explosive melodies that make this a verified stadium anthem. It captures the pain of seeing your friends move away to other parts of the country but also how when you move away from the places you love you see this poetic sadness in all the places that surround you after. It’s early 00’s emo brought head first into the modern era in a vibrantly mesmerising fashion.

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