LO – Blu

Producer and songwriter LO returns this January, with a stunning piece of electronica that’s a precursor to a new project, due later this year. The new single Blu, emphasises a change in sound, where the Berlin-artist was known for dance-focused productions, his new album will be focused on organic, chilled textures across the electronica spectrum. Released via Absent Mind records, ‘Blu’ is a warm and textured piece of electronic pop. The percussion provides the foundation for rich, analogue synths and a gorgeously vocoded top-line.

His undeniable work-ethic and talent, have lead to working with the likes of Eton Messy, See Sick Sound, Majestic Casual and plenty more. Speaking on the new single, he states:

“Love is a strange thing and break ups are even stranger. BLU talks about this feeling of someone still having power over your thoughts and actions long after they have departed. The universal dilemma of the head versus the heart. “

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