You don’t need me to tell you that BORED! by 19&YOU sounds like early-day LANY, the 1975, or the Aces, or for me to describe for the 1000th time how a song seems distinctly Californian, BPM-perfect for PCH coasting while guitar riffs provide the scenery and drums provide the friction of rubber against the road. There will be many (already are, in fact) teens who tap their feet and nod their head to this song (myself included), teens who are probably actually 19, who can’t even drive but dream about going to the Santa Monica Pier every weekend, wanting a taste (the smallest amount will be enough) of love, liberation, and lightly-salted winds. It will be a vocoder-tinged escape from adolescent mundanity, however temporary, and it will be enough, the same way Graves’ drunk-text annoyances (“You’re so predictaBLE”) almost obscure what lies at the heart of “BORED!”: the sort of eyes-at-the-floor muttered break-up that only ever makes you sympathetic (“Let’s not lead this on and disappoint ourselves”). So throw everything up at the sky and stay in this mirage a bit longer; bop the heartbreak away — beachside. Who ever said the familiar will make you “BORED!”?

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