Enigmatic and enchanting in equal measure, songwriter and all-round creative force of nature Mulay has emerged as one of Europe’s most exciting new talents in the past year. Her uniquely dark and devilish alt-pop music, twinned with some of the most beautifully shot visuals, has caused ripples across the music scene in her native Germany and beyond. 

Mastered by Matt Colton (Muse, James Blake, George Michael, Hot Chip, Flume) – Her upcoming EP sounds explicitly Berlin in nature – It’s said to reflect the darker, subconscious underbelly of modern life as we know it and the new single showcases this with an irresistibly dark perfection. ANTRACYTE incorporates less electronic elements than her previous work, instead relying on the strength of the moody, evocative songwriting to provide the drama. As always, the track is partnered with a stunning, highly conceptual visual. Speaking on the new single Mulay states:

“ANTRACYTE is the intro and title track to my debut EP. It’s the soundtrack to the birth of a villain and captures the moment of complete honesty to yourself about the awareness of doing wrong by the ones you love while feeling the inability to turn around.

“It’s about the desire to taste forbidden fruits, to cross and explore what lies beyond the line and the self-empowering feeling of playing by your own rules defeating the fear of consequences and the power of moral concepts. 

“ANTRACYTE tells a story of contradicting emotions, a story of love, lust, pain and a longing for more. It’s about facing your own darkness and sins, about self-revelation, emancipation and about paying its price, resigning to your fate.”

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