seeyousoon – Fever

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Music has always been about pushing the boundaries of what people will find both acceptable and pleasurable. As time progresses the world’s music tastes shift to things we never would’ve expected, back in 1990 you’d never expect to hear Billie Eilish in the charts and vice versa in 2021 you wouldn’t like see Sheryl Crow in the charts. A lot of artists attempt to break the mould, they create their own path for others to follow in their footsteps and the Floridian 9-piece seeyousoon have been doing just that throughout their music journey. Their debut album VIDÈ was an innovative piece of work that cemented them as one of the most exciting acts around and, fresh off in 2021, they’re proving it once again.

Fever is a blistering two minute wild ride that showcases all that this collective are willing to do to push the envelope and break through boundaries on what their music can do. From start to finish it’s like a rollercoaster, you go from the calm opening as the track buildings up to the big drop down that has your palms sweating through the throbbing beats as the sweet euphoria arrives of their blisteringly hot flow before we reach the sudden end that makes you want to ride it all over again.

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