Wells* – Depressed

The ongoing pursuit of happiness is something that has been apart of the human condition since time began, whether it be the joy of living more comfortably, the jubilance of achieving our goals that we thought were out of site or just living in the moment to experience the wonderful euphoria life can give us. However when being depressed it becomes increasingly difficult to find that sprinkle of happiness to the point where you forget what this feeling even felt like as the Auckland, New Zealand based musician Wells*, real name Josh Naley, reflects in his latest alternative pop rock anthem titled Depressed.

With infectious melodies, powerful guitar melodies and a throbbing percussion this piece is a stadium anthem in the making, you can just see thousands of people belting out the personal lyrics, that contrast the buoyant production marvellously, in unison at a concert. That’s what makes this New Zealander’s music so enthralling though, the fact that he opens himself up to all of us through his pensive lyrical storytelling that make us all feel that, no matter what we’re suffering through, we’re not alone. There’s a light in the distance and his music helps us find it.

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