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There aren’t many artists in the world right now who are as magical and mesmerising as the sublime Ashe. Every track she releases has this wonderful spark that entrances you from start to finish and once it ends you feel like you’ve witnessed an alt pop masterpiece. Some artists can’t do it once but she manages to do it with every single song she releases and Bachelorette is no different.

Lyrically I believe this is Ashe’s strongest piece to date with so many emotionally questioning lyrics being sung throughout the track with one of the most heart wrenching being, “If you leave anyway then you never meant it at all.” Then you’ve got Ashe’s vocal that thrives throughout the track with her bringing these lyrics to life and makes every word she sings overflow with emotion, you fully believe everything she is singing about. The production enhances this even further with it being stripped back enough that it creates an intimate setting, almost as if Ashe is telling you her story with her heart on her sleeve and you’re there to comfort her.

Bachelorette is just a sublime piece of pop with a stellar production, sensational vocal and heartbreaking lyrics. Ashe has done everything right here and everyone who’s worked on the song like Justin Gamella, Dough Schadt and Finneas deserve just as much praise for their effort. This is something special.


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