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Songs which provide an amusing commentary of the mainstream and indie music scene always have a special place in my heart. They manage to make you realise these little flaws that the industry has that you begin to notice almost everywhere and I feel that I’m gonna be doing that a lot after listening to Silver Sphere’s latest track.

The track already had me sold with a stereotypical indie boy voice opening the song before the luscious beats enter the scene that immediately gets your foot tapping, head bopping and body moving along to that irresistible melody. Boys In Bands is an addictive song with stellar production and sublime vocal delivery from Sphere, but it also has an intoxicatingly good hook that you’ll be singing under your breath for weeks to come. On top of all of that it has one of my favourite lyrics of 2019, “You tryna play me like a fucking Bright Eyes song.”

Laugh, dance and sing along or do whatever you feel is right because Silver Sphere’s track Boys In Bands is a track you’ll definitely want to add to your playlist.


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