Retro styled RnB mixed with a modern production and vocal that is simply divine? Yep, I knew from the second the track started that I was going to fall in love with Mélat’s latest offering. It’s all the good things retro RnB had with a modern twist that makes this ridiculously exciting and has me begging for more.

AfterAll starts off with a more laidback approach with only a few finely placed synths in the production before the funk based groove comes in to give the track that extra kick and get your foot tapping away. Then you’ve got Mélat’s vocal that is reminiscent of Diana Ross in her prime and she’s demonstrates that perfectly with her voice managing to hit soaring highs and effortless lows throughout the track, all whilst maintaining an emotional connection to the track and showcasing her class songwriting ability. Combine all of that with brilliant lyrics and you’ve got an addictively good track.

RnB has never sounded so good with Mélat providing everything a good RnB track needs in AfterAll. It will get your head bopping and foot tapping in no time at all.


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