With every single release Liimo are growing and becoming one of the most exciting bands to come out of Scotland’s sublime music scene. They’ve past impressed with their exhilarating and irresistibly addictive track Pineapple Radio and their latest single Get Weird has built on that with help from indie pop songstress Lizzy Land.

Speaking about the track the band’s lead vocalist, Kieran, said this, “Get Weird is a song about a whirlwind romance. That sweet spot at the start of a relationship where everything feels unlike anything you’ve ever been used to. The kind of moment where all other things in life take a backseat, you’re both making it up as you go along, seeing how it all plays out. We’d written the song with a collab in mind and we completely fell in love with Lizzy Land’s interpretation of it.’’

Get Weird is all of those songs you used to love in the 80’s and merged into one sublime retro soundscape featuring an array of shimmering synths accompanied by Kieran and Lizzy’s pining vocals that create a beautifully harmonious dynamic. Then you’ve got the romantic lyrics that make this song feel like it belongs in a modern day romance film, honestly I just have a vision of this playing in The Fault In Our Stars. It’s the type of track you listen to in the summer heat thinking back to fond memories of your past relationships or enjoying the time you have now with your partner.

Liimo and Lizzy Land have come together to create a summer love anthem for the ages in Get Weird. One of the highlights of the musical calendar is whenever these guys drop a new song and I cannot wait to hear more.


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