There’s an old movie called Breakfast at Tiffany’s that has one of the most beautiful musical moments in cinematic history with Audrey Hepburn gently singing Moon River and as I listen to Noé’s latest track I can’t help but think back to that moment. It feels like it would fit perfectly in a modern French adaptation of the film.

With a stripped back production comprising of soothing piano chords, an ethereal string section and occasional guitar melody all coming together to create an intimate atmosphere, Le Fève transports you away to a whole new world. However the star of the show is Noé’s celestial vocal being so delicate but managed to maintain complete control of the track and enthral you from start to finish. It just sends shivers down my spine with every note that is played.

Do I understand what Noé is singing about in Le Féve? No. But does that stop me from falling in head over heals in love with the track? Absolutely not!


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