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One of the most exciting bands around right now has to be the sister-family band Crimson Apple. Each one of their tracks has left me eager for more and on top of that they also release beautifully shot and aesthetically pleasing music videos, seriously check out Can’t Get Out of Bed as it’s an addictively good song and a strikingly gorgeous music video. So as you can imagine I was very excited when I saw they’d dropped a new track and I have to say Somebody is simply divine.

Speaking about the meaning of the track the girls said, “Somebody is a song about the raw human emotion of longing to find your place in the world, even if it’s just for a moment. The song was initially inspired by our dream to pursue music together, so the “Somebody” music video really captures the essence of our bond, both as sisters and as artists.”

The production of the track is on another level with Japanese producer Satoru Hiraide managing to fuse traditional pop with Japanese rock to create an anthemic sound that captures the emotional nature of the track effortlessly. Then you’ve got the vocals where you can feel the pain of every single word she sings, especially in the chorus when she belts the lyric, “Make me feel like somebody / Even if it’s just for tonight.” Combine all of that with an enthralling music video and you’ve got another stellar track from an incredibly exciting band.

Crimson Apple have a sound that makes you instantly fall in love with their music and Somebody is the perfect example of this. Dive into their back catalogue and get enthralled into their sound today.


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