The office romance is something that we’ve all witnessed at some point in our lives, whether it be at work where we see two people slowly fall for one another or be it through The Office where we finally got to see Jim and Pam get married. However what is rarely talked about is whether or not the relationship has happened because of work and if one of you left, would the relationship continue or disappear but that’s exactly what Tea Kittagucci’s latest track is all about.

Office Romance is bubblegum pop at it’s finest with a shimmering production that is reminiscent of laidback 80’s trance mixed with a luscious guitar melody and a honey drizzled vocal display that is pure gold. The storytelling throughout the track is elegantly done with you easily being able to feel the emotions this couple are going through with the charming lyrics capturing the heart of the song effortlessly. If you’re a fan of Grimes then you’re gonna be really into this track.

Office Romance is a wonderfully charming track by Tea Kittagucci that focuses on a story that most love songs have avoided perfectly. If you love this, I highly recommend you check out her mixtape Popsicle as it is filled with bubblegum pop anthems like this.



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