Music often has a way of helping us express emotions from situations we struggle to comprehend. It helps us get through arguments with friends, a painful breakup with your partner, struggling to provide for your family or, in Howard Kaye’s case, the death of a family member. His latest track was the first he wrote after his father’s unfortunate passing and was his way of grieving.

With solemn strings opening the track with accompaniment from some ominous synths, Origin opens with a impassioned sound that, in turns, creates an intimate atmosphere. Lyrically the track is superb with the poignant lyrics giving an honest depiction of Kaye’s grief along with the thought of his father still being there with him, “You’ll be watching over me.” On top of that you have Kaye’s tender vocal that is filled with so much evocative emotion that you believe every single word he is singing. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful.

From a place of darkness Howard Kaye has given us a track in Origin that I hope will help others find solace in their times of darkness.

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