There are moments in music where you listen to a song for the first time and you realise you’ve just heard something other worldly. It’s an experience that rarely happens but when it does it’s like you’re flying and I got that feeling whilst listening to Casi & The Blind Harpist’s latest track Sunflower Seeds off of their debut EP of the same name.

The production is reminiscent of classic Celtic folk music with a beautifully elegant string section slowly building throughout mixed with these subtly placed synth beats that creates stunning juxtaposition between the organic and electronic sounds. Casi’s vocal carries the majority of the emotional weight in the song with her knowing when to give a whisper like vocal where you feel the pain within her vocal or his the dizzying euphoric heights like the climax of the track. Combine all that with a breathtaking story told through poetic lyrics and you’ve got a masterful piece of music.

I highly recommend you check out the whole of Casi and The Blind Harpist’s EP, but for now just admire the elegant storytelling and poignant production behind Sunflower Seeds.

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