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There are some moments in music where you hear a song for the first time and you instantly fall in love with it. Whether it be because of the addictive melody, killer hook, relatable lyrics or gorgeous voice there are always some songs we just can’t help but fall for and that’s exactly what happened to me when I heard Saya’s latest single.

With a laidback production filled array of glimmering synths creating an inviting atmosphere mixed with her luscious vocal One More Time has everything needed for a slick RnB influenced pop track. There’s something very 90’s about the track that adds to the charm it possesses along with this intoxicating hook that you’ll be singing under your breath for days to come. The more I listen to it the I realise this wouldn’t feel too out of place on an Ariana Grande album, big compliment there. The track is simply intoxicating from start to finish.

This might be my first time listening to Saya but it certainly won’t be my last as One More Time has turned me into an instant fan. I’m expecting great things from her.

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