If you’re a fan of Only Sun then you’ll know this band are usually renowned for their uplifting, high energy brand of indie pop that could get a whole stadium up on their feet and singing for joy in a matter of seconds. So, I have to say, it was quite surprising to see them take a more darker turn with their latest track but they’ve still managed to keep that special charm that makes listening to their music such a jubilant experience.

VICE has an absolutely outstanding production with a chorus filled with a cacophony of electric guitars and clashing drum beats that create a chaotic dark atmosphere when they’re combined together. However you also have these moments of bliss as they build to that chorus that creates this interesting yet enthralling juxtaposition that I cannot get enough of. Along with that you’ve got a brilliant hook and intoxicating vocal that has me listening to the track on repeat and wanting more from this band.

Whether you’re an old or new fan of Only Sun their latest track VICE has something for everybody and I know I’m going to be belting this one out in the car for a long time to come.

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