Leeds based singer songwriter Ruthie really is one of the most exciting talents coming out of the UK right now. Her previous track What Kind of Woman was an honest and poignant debut about her wondering who she could be after she lost an identity she had relied on for so long and left a big impact on me. It’s no real surprise that her follow up track Spirit Now Moves is another compelling piece of music that will leave you begging for more.

Speaking about the track Ruthie has said, “When I wrote Spirit Now Moves I was thinking about the way that large parts of land are cleared… Existing roots are ripped out and burned before new life can grow and be planted. At the time I felt like I was losing so much of what I relied on, but at the same time I knew that something new was stirring and preparing to grow.”

Lyrically the track is superb with some gems like, “For months I’ve been praying in the middle of the night / Give me some relief,” conjuring up an image of despair in your head as well as a feeling of familiarity. The production is lush, with a sound that feels like it could’ve come straight from the 60’s/70’s and a melodic sensibility to match. As the track progresses it builds slowly to this grand finale with grand guitar melodies, dramatic drum beats and Ruthie’s effortlessly vocal coming together for a cacophony end that will leave you utterly captivated.

As she grows as an artist Ruthie is proving that she can tackle anything with her music and Spirit Now Moves is proof of this. Her brand of alternative music has me excited for what else this young artist is capable of.

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