Kaso – Forbidden Fruits


During his adolescence Kaso was known for not fitting in with a typical stereotype, he never tried to blend in because he was born to stand out and this has translated into the German artists multifaceted soundscape. Taking elements from contemporary R&B, classic Jazz tones, hip hop beats and a funk bassline he’s managed to create himself a sonic identity that matches his own ideologies to a tee. Taking his past experience of singing, dancing, poetry and songwriting he brings his music to fruition whilst maintaining the message he has loudly proclaiming for the lion’s share of his life.

Standing out from the crowd Forbidden Fruits features a laidback sun kissed production comprised of groovy out guitar licks and chilled out percussion that make this feel like a ready made future summer anthem. Kaso’s distinctly toned R&B vocal adds a subtle flavour to the track as the nostalgia inducing lyricisms wash over you as the balmy melodies gently go on to put you in a tranquil state where the only thing you feel is bliss.

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