Circumnavigate – Keep a Moment

It starts off the way all ballads do, with a piano and promise: “If I could….keep a moment….pause one for eternity,” each pause filled with the wistfulness of nostalgia. But once the strings come in, soft and tremulous at first and courtesy of The Parallax Orchestra, Keep a Moment starts to expand. Memories of “fingertips [and] sunburnt skin,” remnants of laughter during the bridge, collage with the present. The singer-songwriter coffeehouse atmosphere melts into a golden ballroom, but with just as much intimacy through a waltz, the warmth of interlocked eyes and hands, so close that even the smallest smile that comes to your lips makes you nervous. “Is it possible to keep forever?”, lead singer Sigrid of Circumnavigate asks in a tender parting. If “forever” sounds anything like this, I sure hope it is.

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