Stranded Mermaid – First Heat

There are moments where you listen to a song for a first time, close your eyes and envision yourself in somewhere completely out of this world as the mystical melodies with a cinematic touch wrap themselves around you to make you feel as if you’re floating through the air without a care in the world. The Swedish musician Stranded Mermaid allowed me to experience that with her track First Heat that combined the smokey atmosphere in the verses of Lana Del Rey and the grandeur in the production during the chorus that is akin to Lights and Motion. It’s a gorgeously textured soundscape that is utterly divine.

However, whilst the production remains a strong highlight it’s the lyrics that truly come into their own with the poignant and thought-provoking message they deliver that is only further enhanced by her dreamy vocals. There’s a grand sense of majesty to her sound that ventures into darker territories to create this ethereal cacophony of beauty that’s hard to resist. It’s something I can envision being featured in a future CW show during the dramatic moments at the climax of an episode and, honestly, I think she’ll be featured in many a soundtrack in the near future.

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