Matilda Cole – The Clouds


18 year old songwriter Matilda Cole describes her sound as, “the soundtrack to teenage oblivion,” and she couldn’t be more accurate. She channels the changes, lessons and journeys she’s gone on throughout her adolescence into her music whilst maintaining a whimsical joy but wrapping it in her somber storytelling. She’s all or nothing, both within her music and every other aspect of her life and, as she described in the opening of her new track, all can be the most beautiful or terrible thing in your life and it’s exactly this inspired the creation of her debut single The Clouds.

“‘The Clouds’ is like a look into my diary when I was 16,” The artist begins to explain. “The song and the video evoke that kind of hazy pink warmth that’s intertwined with female friendship, first heartbreak and adolescence – paired with the blurred perspective of those feelings that comes with growing up.”

Narrating the stories of her friendships, love and losses whilst being ladened in teenage-angst we immediately get an idea of who Cole is both as an artists and as a person. She strikes a chord instantly with her personally intimate lyricisms that makes you feel as if you’re watching a modern day coming of age movie with the story unfolding before your very eyes as her honey drizzled vocal croons on. This is a track that belongs in a modern day coming of age movie and with the overwhelming sense of passion she brings to her music we are sure that we’re about to witness Matilda Cole’s ascent to the top.

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