Sabrina Lee – Be There

A few months ago 17 year old Leesburg, Virginia native Sabrina Lee announced herself to the world as an artist through her tenderly poignant piece titled Hurt that is best described as the vocals of Halsey meeting the soundscape of Billie Eilish and lyrical sensibility of Simon & Garfunkel. She did what a lot of artists fail to do in their debut and made a statement, she made it clear what she was here to do and how she was willing to go the extra mile to craft a lush sonic identity that would see this Riverside High senior becoming a sold out arena performing artist. Hurt was the first step of this journey and Be There isn’t just the next step, it’s a leap.

“I just really wanted to make an upbeat, lighthearted song because of everything going on right now,” the artist begins to explain. “It’s really hard to stay motivated and stable during these times but that’s exactly when I turn to music. I’ve been listening to a lot more upbeat and happy music to distract myself and escape reality, even if it’s just for those 3-4 minutes. The lyrics for Be There are pretty self explanatory–like when the pre chorus says ‘and if the world stops spinning ‘round, I’ll still stick around.’ It’s kinda just relating to everything going on. The main message is that even though it seems like the world is ending, I’ll still be there for you.”

The track can be seen as a shining beacon of hope to many experiencing hard times due to the current climate of the world, although times now are hard there will always be people around you that will help you through it. Her uplifting vocals glide over the airy yet bubbly pop production that has sanguine quality to it that will have you smiling from ear to ear as the optimism begins to take over you. This track isn’t meant to be thought-provoking or emotionally invigorating, what it’s meant to do is provide you a joyous escape for a few previous moments and right now it’s something we all need.

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